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  • Payment & Pricing


General Clinic

If further investigations (such as an ultrasound scan) or treatment including surgical procedures are planned, this will be discussed during your consultation and an estimate given.

If you know what procedure your pet requires, you can always contact us by phone and see what the likely cost of treatment is (see below for most common procedures) - although we may have to adjust this once we have seen your pet and know the exact treatment required!


Payment is required at the end of your consultation or when collecting your pet after a surgical procedure. We accept cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.

Insured Patients

We work with most insurance companies and will help you completing your claims. However, we ask that you pay up front and in full, with us.

Ophthalmology Price List

Please note that these are estimated costs and are subject to change depending on your pet’s size. You will always receive a detailed estimate at your consultation, when booking surgery.

Ophthalmology Services Price List

Initial consultation €185
Cataract surgery (unilateral) up to €2900
Cataract surgery (bilateral) up to €4200
Cherry eye surgery €700
Entropion surgery (One Eye) €600
Bilateral Entropion surgery €1200
Indolent ulcer treatment €550
Corneal grafting €1000 
Luxated lens surgery (phacoemulsification) €2300
Luxated lens surgery €1500
Parotid duct transposition €1200
Enucleation €750
Cryotherapy €600