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  • Pet Passports

Thinking of going on holidays with your best friend?

You will need a pet passport. This can be completed and filled out by your vet. To receive a passport, we will require a valid form of I/D, proof of address and your pet must be microchipped.

When travelling abroad it is always best to check with the relevant authorities what specific requirements are needed for entry.

A Rabies vaccine WILL be required. This is NOT a routine vaccination, and you must ask your vet for it specifically. It must be given a minimum of 21 days prior to travel.

Your pet must have its full routine vaccinations up to date and recorded in your passport. Your pet’s worming/ flea treatment must also be up to date.

Most airlines/ ferries require a veterinary health check a maximum of a week before travel.

Any further queries on travelling with your pets please do not hesitate to call us here at PHVH in Dublin.