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  • Neutering

Here at Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Dublin we recommend neutering and vaccinating your pets.

There are several benefits to neutering your pet including reduced chance of developing certain types of cancers, no chance of developing a pyometra (infected uterus) which can be fatal, behavioural benefits and much more.

When to neuter your pets?

Bitch spay:

Large breed dogs such as Labradors and German Shepherds we recommend allowing them time to fully develop and grow. Ideally spaying them over the age of 18 months.

We recommend all Bitches go through their first heat. This reduces chances of pseudo pregnancies and later in life incontinence. Ideally, we recommend spaying bitches 3 months after their last heat. In smaller dogs this is usually around 6 months.

Dog castrate:

We recommend castrating your dog at around 6 months of age. Unless your dog is a larger breed then we recommend waiting 9 months to a year.

Cat spay and castrate:

We recommend neutering your cats at 6 months old.

Did you know… neutering can have significant preventative health care benefits for your pet?

Whether you have a new puppy or kitten at home, or a slightly older, pet neutering can play an important part of their healthcare for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

At Primrose Hill Vets, your pet is in the safest of hands. We have a team of experienced veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses along with the best facilities to ensure your pets are well looked after. We also offer a keyhole surgery option for neutering which is a less invasive method of carrying out the procedure.

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Benefits of pet neutering

Pet neutering is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia to remove part or all of an animal’s reproductive organs, preventing them from reproducing. In males, it is called castration and in females, spaying.

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies and womb infections
  • Can help prevent tumours and breast cancer
  • Can also help prevent testicular cancer and prostate disease
  • Assists in preventing roaming and aggressive behaviour
  • It’s normal to neuter! 86% of owned cats and 71% of owned dogs in the UK are neutered*

*PSDA Paws report 2020

What's the right age for pet neutering?





From four months

From four months


From six months although we will consider your pet’s weight, breed and behaviour  

Pre-season or at least three months after season


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