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  • Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Sallynoggin, County Dublin
  • Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Sallynoggin, County Dublin
  • Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Sallynoggin, County Dublin

    Helping your pets livehealthy & happy lives

A small animal general practice and an Ophthalmology referral service in Sallynoggin, County Dublin.

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At Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Dublin we aim to keep our patients happy and healthy throughout their lifetime by providing a gold standard level of surgical and medical care, staying up-to-date with the most recent advancements in our field and educating our clients with both compassion and honesty.

We recognize the level of trust that is placed in us when a patient is brought into our care, so we ensure that every pet is treated as if it is one of our own.

Services we offer

Looking after your pet’s health, we offer the following services in our practice:

Ophthalmology Referrals

Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital Ophthalmology vets offer expertise, experience and access to advanced technology for treating a wide range of conditions.

Our eye clients are referred by their first opinion or local vet.

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